An archive of Phish audience recordings made by phisham.

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ph1995-06-16 phisham-001 2017-08-16 etree139103 ph1995-06-16.akg468.139103.flac16.torrent Walnut Creek Amphitheatre - Raleigh, NC
ph1995-06-20 phisham-002 2017-08-31 etree139206 ph1995-06-20.akg468.139206.flac16.torrent Blossom Music Center - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
ph1995-06-24 phisham-003 2017-09-xx etree139380 ph1995-06-24.akg468.139380.flac16.torrent Mann Center - Philadelphia, PA
ph1995-06-25 phisham-004 2017-09-xx etree139466 ph1995-06-25.akg468.139466.flac16.torrent Mann Center - Philadelphia, PA
ph1995-06-26 phisham-005 2017-10-06 etree139518 ph1995-06-26.akg468.139518.flac16.torrent SPAC - Saratoga Springs, NY
ph1995-06-30 phisham-006 2017-11-18 etree139920 ph1995-06-30.akg461.139920.flac16.torrent Great Woods - Mansfield, MA
ph1995-07-01 phisham-007 2017-11-18 etree139921 ph1995-07-01.akg461.139921.flac16.torrent Great Woods - Mansfield, MA
ph1995-07-02 phisham-008 2018-04-06 etree141642 ph1995-07-02.akg461.141642.flac16.torrent Sugarbush - N Fayston, VT
ph1995-07-03 phisham-011 2018-04-16 etree141706 ph1995-07-04.akg461.141706.flac1648.torrent Sugarbush - N Fayston, VT
bh1994-01-24 phisham-018 2018-11-12 etree143770 BadHat1994-01-24-dsbd.143770.flac1648.torrent Bad Hat - Portland, ME
bh1996-01-24 phisham-017 2018-11-12 etree143662 BadHat1996-01-24.143662.flac1648.torrent Bad Hat - Burlington, VT
stta1996-04-01 phisham-009 2018-04-06 etree141643 stta1996-04-01.akg461.141643.flac16.torrent Surrender to the Air (Trey Anastasio project)
stta1996-04-02 phisham-010 2018-04-06 etree141644 stta1996-04-02.akg461.141644.flac16.torrent Surrender to the Air (Trey Anastasio project)

Recordings hosted elsewhere
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(not in etree) (not in etree) aj1996-05-21.akg461.flac1648 phisham-021 2019_1101 Acoustic Junction - Northampton, MA
(not in etree) (not in etree) aj1996-05-01.dmtx.sbd.mk4.flac1648 phisham-019 2019_1023 Acoustic Junction - Amherst College - Amherst, MA
(not in etree) (not in etree) aj1995-10-02.akg461.MASTER.flac1648 phisham-020 2019_1024 Acoustic Junction - Northampton, MA
chq1996-07-02 (not in etree) chq1996-07-02.akg461.flac1648 phisham-023 2019_1113 Charlie Hunter Quartet - Northampton, MA
(not in etree) (not in etree) ebkt1998-06-23.akg461.flac1648 phisham-022 2019_1113 Electric Blue & the Kozmik Truth - Northampton, MA
jmp1997-09-05 (not in etree) jmp1997-09-05.akg461.flac2448 phisham-024 2019_1119 Jazz Mandolin Project - Iron Horse Music Hall - Northampton, MA
(not in etree) (not in etree) jmp1997-05-10.akg468.flac1648 phisham-016 2018_0709 Jazz Mandolin Project - UMass Spring Concert - Amherst, MA
jmp1997-05-01 (not in etree) jmp1997-05-01.akg461.flac1648 phisham-026 2019_1206 Jazz Mandolin Project - Iron Horse Music Hall - Northampton, MA
jmp1996-10-18 etree142420 jmp1996-10-18.akg461.flac1648 phisham-015 2018_0627 Jazz Mandolin Project - Iron Horse Music Hall - Northampton, MA
jmp1996-08-15 (not in etree) jmp1996-08-15.akg461.flac2448 phisham-025 2019_1125 Jazz Mandolin Project - Strand Theater - Plattsburgh, NY
jmp1996-03-31 etree141728 jmp1996-03-31.akg461.flac1648 phisham-014 2018_0417 Jazz Mandolin Project - Marsh Arts House Ballroom - Amherst College - Amherst, MA
jmp1996-02-08 etree139002 jmp1996-02-08.akg461.flac16 phisham-XXX 2017_xxxx Jazz Mandolin Project - Last Elm Cafe - Burlington, VT
jmp1995-10-02 etree141729 jmp1995-10-02.akg461.flac1648 phisham-013 2018_xxxx Jazz Mandolin Project - Iron Horse Music Hall - Northampton, MA
jmp1995-03-31 etree141730 jmp1995-03-31.pzm.flac1648 phisham-012 2018_0416 Jazz Mandolin Project - Marsh Arts House Ballroom - Amherst College - Amherst, MA

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